Alain’s Spiritual Songs

Alain - Nuevo Mundo

songbook Nuevo Mundo, PDF file

Nuevo Mundo

Album in progress...

N01 Kambo (to Txana Ikakuru and the Huni Kuin)(Alain)

Alain - Reunidos

Download: Alains songbook Reunidos (Gathered), PDF file


Meditation songs, 2016

R01 Taita Inti (Father Sun)(Alain)

R02 Madres espaciales (Mothers of Space)(Alain)

R03 Campo de los niños (The children's field)(Alain)

R04 Esa Flor (This Flower)(Alain)

R05 Agua Clara (Clear Water)(Alain)

R17 Fuerzas Divinas (Divine forces)(Alain)

Picture: Gina Caspar


Meditation songs, 2014

Picture: Gina Caspar




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