Filhos da Floresta

Research project about spiritual music of southamerica: After years of singing tousands of songs and learning from some shamans I would like to share in this project the most beatiful peaces of brasilian music I found. In this project is also cooperating Ute Bergmann.



Live at Golden Temple

Hamburgo 2014, feat. Ute Bergmann

3 Shipibo Icaros (Elisa Vargas, Maestra Olivia, Maestra Celestina)(Alain)

Pedi licenca a Mamae (Germano Guilherme)(Alain)

Bild: Pablo Amaringo

Santo Daime Lieder


In Agradecimento (Pad. Alfredo)(Alain)

Olhei para o firmamento (Maria Damiao)(Alain)

Yemanja (Trad. Amazonas)(Alain)

Pedí a vos (Germano Guilherme)(Alain)

Esta é a verdade (Mad. Julia 07)(Alain)

Todos Somos Iguais (Pad. Saturnino)(Alain)

Chave de Ouro (Pad. Saturnino)(Alain)

Picture: Gina Caspar

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All songs published here can be heard, downloaded and shared with others without charge. You are not allowed to use these files in a commercial way without our permission. All rights remain owned by Alain and Niklas Siverly. The copyrights of the Lupo songs are owned by the band and the authors named below. The songs of the Project “Filhos da Floresta” are from different composers named beside the name of the song. Be also welcome at Alain’s site on MySpace.

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